Psychology Facts (work in progress)

The benefits of this post:

1. You can refer to it if you’re looking for a research topic idea or studies to reference

2. The links are to actual scientific studies if I can find them. In the future, I will be thoroughly reading these studies and adding my remarks on them. I might even make videos on YouTube going over them. But prior to that, I want to review my research methods and write an entry on it here so people can also benefit.

3. My followers are always asking for sources or actual studies, so this is the other side to it.

People who are infatuated with you are more likely to laugh at the things you say even when the things you say are not funny.   An Evolutionary Perspective on Humor: Sexual Selection or Interest Indication

Both men and women regard humor as a top desirable quality in a potential partner because ability to make a person laugh is a sign of intelligence and good gene. Humor ability reveals intelligence, predicts mating success, and is higher in males

Making music promotes problem solving, prosocial behavior and learning in children. Making Music Improves Behavior  

We experience a loss more greatly than a gain of equal value.

Physical attraction is subjective and really in the eye of the beholder. The better your personality, the more attractive you appear to others. This is true for the reverse as well.  1) More Than Just Skin Deep?Personality Information Influences Men’s Ratings of the Attractiveness of Women’sBody Sizes

People with dark personalities tend to create a physically attractive veneer.

You’re more creative when coming up with ideas for others than for yourself.


Children who have tendency to sleep late grow up to have higher IQ Why Night Owls Are More Intelligent Than Morning Larks

notes: the study suggests that it was a  longitudinal design. need the actual studies

People who sleep late have higher IQ Why Night Owls Are More Intelligent Than Morning Larks

Introverts spend about the same amount of time with other people as extraverts and enjoy it just as much despite beliefs. : RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN EXTRAVERSION AND HAPPINESS

Extraverts are under stimulated and therefore seek out social situations whereas introverts are inherently overstimulated and needs to get away from other people.  The personality theories of H. J. Eysenck and J. A. Gray:a comparative review

We make better decisions when we sleep on it.

The unconscious mind is better at making decisions for complicated problems and the conscious mind is better for simple problems.

Reading fictions improves social skills because it puts you in various social situations in the perspectives of the characters. Reading Literary Fiction Improves Theory of Mind

Viewing pictures of cute kittens or puppies improves task performance that require careful attention. The Power of Kawaii: Viewing Cute Images Promotes a Careful Behavior and Narrows Attentional Focus

Listening to music activates the whole brain. Listening to music lights up the whole brain

Fake smiling actually makes you happier. Facial Feedback Hypotheses: Evidence, Implications, and Directions I

Writing down test worries improve performance 

Writing Out Your Worries <- possible flaw: should have inclued a group asked to write about thoughts/strategies about the test . perhaps the group who were asked to write about their worries got the result because they were given a chance to dedicate time to thinking about the test (it mentally prepared them), whereas the group that were asked to think about something else (did not have this advantage). it may not necessarily have been about writing down the worries that contributed to the results but the fact that this group got a chance to strategically plan for the test.. afterall; mindset and preparation is important when it comes to performance. <- though i need to examine the original study to see if such group was included.

Tips To Help You Become More Productive

What does it take to be more productive? Don’t we all want to be? Being productive helps us get things done. It’s important to be productive in life so that we can always be moving forward with our endeavors and not being stuck in the same place all the time. People who productive are always moving from projects to projects, their resumes include a list of many accomplishments while those who are less productive are usually stuck in mediocre job or lacking certain personal trade skills. That said, being able to be productive is definitely something that relates to personal improvements.

For me, I think being productive is about building a habit of being productive. If you are constantly working and finishing what you set yourself to do, then you are productive. Here are some tips to help you be more productive:

1. Remove all distractions from your life. For example, deactivate FaceBook or use site blockers. Cancel plans that do not contribute to what you have to do that take up energy and time.

2. Write a do-list the night before or in the morning. Set specific and small tasks. For example, instead of just planning ‘read chapter 6’ which might be too big of a task to complete in one day, write ‘read pages 234-260.’ This is much more specific and also much more reasonable because it accounts for how many pages you have to read. Furthermore, it helps you if you set estimated time to do each tasks. For example, ‘Read pages 234-260 between 3:30 and 4:40.’ Writing down the estimated time puts how much time you actually have in the day to do things in perspective.

3. Do the most difficult and most important tasks first. When we first wake up, we have a clearer mind to help us problem solve.Therefore, take advantage of this.

4. Schedule shorter working time instead of really long ones. We might think we have a lot of time to do things so we schedule long hours for each tasks, but in actuality, only a fraction of those working time are  productive. Find out when you are most productive and work during those time. Furthermore, scheduling shorter work time enables you to overcome procrastination because you’re less likely to dread the long hours of work.

5. For boring tasks, listen to music to get your brain more stimulated.

6. Do the type of work according to how much energy you have. When you have a lot of energy, work on tasks that require a lot of your attention. When you start to get tired, focus on tasks that don’t require as much energy. When studying and you still have a lot of energy, you might want to work on more energy demanding tasks such as ‘assignments or projects.’ When you are tired, work on tasks like ‘reading or reviewing notes’ which takes up fewer energy.

7. Think about the benefits of being productive. What it would mean for you to get things done. This might motivate you to not procrastinate.

8. Stop analyzing or planning too much.  Just get to work. For some, this approach is good, because you save time from having to do planning or ruminating about issues.  For others, analyzing and figuring out what’s making you unproductive helps find solutions to those problems. This leads to long term productivity. Choose your approach and adapt.

9. Eat and exercise well. To do work means to expend energy. Therefore, the more energy you have, the more work you can do. Our body primarily uses carbohydrates to fuel itself. Here are some food that can give you energy. In regards to exercise, studies have shown that exercise helps improve several cognitive functions such as increasing ability to focus and problem solve. Furthermore, exercise gives your body more energy by releasing your energy storage and breaking down chemicals to release even more energy. 

10. Sleep well. Sleep helps repair damages done to the body. Adequate amount of sleep makes you feel rested.

9 Tips To Help You Overcome Tired Feelings When Chasing Your Dreams/Working

When you feel like you don’t want to continue anymore or that you are too tired to, here are some tips that might help you overcome your tired feelings.

These tips are generated from your responses on this

1. From how I understand it, tiredness can be physical that often results from ‘working your body or mind too hard.’ For example, when you work long hours that you do not get enough sleep. The second cause of tiredness is when you are emotionally tired. Symptoms of emotional tiredness might include procrastination, depression or lack of concentration. When you feel emotionally tired, try reflecting on the reasons you are and find solutions to them. For example, you might discover that you are emotionally tired because you have lost your reasons for continuing and that the solution is to reflect again on what you want.  

2. Take a nap or bath. Sleep helps restore the brain and makes you feel rested. Baths relax muscles, calm your mind, detoxify, moisturize, stimulate circulation and clear your lymph system. 

3. Focus on the outcome and what you will accomplish. When you feel tired because you are lost, thinking about the end product(s) can be motivating. It helps redirect your focus. 

4. Taking care of yourself. Ways to take care of yourself is to ensure that you monitor how much you are working and how much rest you need. You could do this by keeping record of your daily activities. At the end of the day, go over your records and evaluate them. Determine what changes you could make to be more productive and efficient. Keeping a record also helps overcome procrastination. It increases your focus and awareness. Other ways to take care of yourself is to eat healthily, exercise and hang out with friends. 

5. Accept that it’s okay to be tired and drained on some days. Sometimes, we might feel guilty when we aren’t being productive, but if you get pleasure of taking a day off, then go for it. ”Rest up. Tomorrow will just be another day.” ~ Sky Sullivan

6. Look for meanings and inspirations in your work. When you get burnout, think about the values you are providing to others. Remind yourself what it is that you are doing and for what reasons. If the reasons are more for yourself than for others, that works too. Reflect on those. We all have our own needs to fulfill and reminding ourselves of them can keep us motivated and on track. 

7. Just Do It. This is where you literally ignore your tiredness and just complete the tasks you’ve set up to do. For example, if you know that you have to go to work and you’re really tired, instead of complaining or calling a day off, just get dress and go. 

8. Listen to music or do something that gets your mind off things. When you are bored, listening to music keeps you entertain and helps you perform more efficiently on boring tasks. 

This article has attempted to provide tips on overcoming feelings of tiredness. The responses were generated from the comments from some of you guys on FaceBook. Thanks and hope these can help others in similar situations as well. 

How to Deal With School Stress

It’s been a while since I was in school, but I do remember how stressful it was. The stress came from things like exams, sleep problems, having no time for other activities, or just constant flow of expectations being thrown at you. As such, I didn’t really deal with stress that well at first. Stress was constant. However, as time passed, I learned to cope with it by accepting that it is part of the school life and that everything will be worth the reward at the end. But there are tips to help minimize stress. Here are few I think helped me and hopefully they will help you too:

1. Acknowledge that stress is part of the package and do not run from it.

Sometimes when we feel stressed, we think that there’s something wrong with us. That, out of all our classmates, we are the only one who is stressed, but the truth is that everyone goes through it too. Each person just copes with stress differently and some don’t show obvious signs of it at all. But mostly when people are stressed, they either skip class, start trying less, or freak out even more. I suggest just recognizing that stress is natural, that it means you care about school and that you will work your ass off to finish whatever you have to do. All of which is good.When you finish what you have to do (study for an exam, do your assignments ahead of time, do well on exams), the stress gradually goes down as you become more confident and familiar with handling it.

2. Try to balance out your life a little. Sometimes when you are stressed, it’s because you feel that you are not performing as well as you should in school. You’ve based your entire future off how well you will do in school. However, if you have other hobbies or activities that you care a lot about and do exceptionally well at, you won’t feel as stressed. This way, you’ll know that if you don’t do well in school you’ll still have something else to lean on.

However, this tip is only recommended if you really want a way to minimize stress. For me, I threw everything else aside and focused just on school, but I had to go through a lot of stress and pressure. I chose that route and it paid off. However, if I could start over I would try to lead a more balanced life, but too much was on the line for me.

3. Have supportive friends. Have a study group, a study partner. Complete your university or college year together as training partners. Study together, share problems with each other, take classes together, help each other. Having someone there who you can confide in, who support you, who you know is going through the same things you are can really be inspiring and be encouraging.

4. Try to be positive when it comes to failures or set backs. Sometimes people don’t get the results they want and they give up. The last thing you want to do is give up because failures are actually part of the road to success. No one reaches the destination they seek without some failures. They get back up and try again and that’s what makes all the difference. When you accept that failure is part of the journey, you tend to be more prepared for what ever comes your way. I myself failed my first semester in my first year, but I worked really hard and climbed back up.I eventually came out on top in most, if not all, of my psychology classes.

Setbacks are part of your story, and they make you stronger.

5. Use all the resources you can. Use the help of your teachers, professors, friends, parents, and tutoring services; whatever it takes to help you do better. Think of school like an investment. If you are paying to go to school, then you have to be prepared to go all the way to achieve the goals you want. You want to use everything in your disposal to accomplish the goals you’ve initially set for yourself. Otherwise, you’re sort of only going halfway.

Edited by Alexander Loncar

The Psychology Behind “Following Heart vs Brain” Explained

The “Dual-Process” Model of Thinking, Self-reflection and Decision Making

In cognitive psychology, the “Dual Process” model reveals that we have two ‘parallel’ modes of thinking or reasoning. It explains how we have this “Follow Your Heart vs Follow Your Brain” phenomenon.

The idea is the heart and the brain represent these two modes of thinking. The thinking involves how we reason, think and make decisions about things. ‘Following the brain’ represents logic, consciously thought out responses.

The brain represents the “conscious or explicit” system associated with normal, conscious awareness for the reasons and decisions behind our behaviors. An example would be listing on paper or in your head the reasons why you like someone. 

On the contrary, the heart represents the “unconscious or implicit system.” This system can also make decisions and affect behaviors, but we are typically unaware of the process or reasoning. We only “know” the decision or behavior once it is made or happens. So for example, this is sort of like when you are infatuated with someone. You may or may not know why you are infatuated, but you are. And it is often after you are with this person that you begin to realize these feelings you’ve been having. 

Furthermore if you are ever lost about how you feel, and you have to decide between following your brain or your heart, studies suggests that you follow your heart because not thinking for ‘complex’ things such as feelings is more accurate of how you truly feel. In fact, if you try to use your brain and logically reason things out, you may end up distorting yourself.

Lately, i have been missing my grandma and grandpa.. thinking about where they are now. 

where their existence is.. the idea.. that death causes tthe existence of a person to cease.. 

and that no matter how much yearning is involved, a person who is gone can never be reached. 

i don’t know what triggered these thoughts, but maybe just seeing that my mom has been turning really old.. she must have been reflecting alot on the past too, grandma and grandpa..

like today.. she was looking through old photos..

im sure she misses them alot. 

and somehow that realization…causes pain inside me too. 

i miss them too.. but for her it probably hurts. 

in me is also a sense of fear and empty feelings.. will one day i be the same position as well?

is everything right now.. just pointless?



I met my grandpa when i was really young like 6-8? when my mom first took us a trip back to vietnam. 

during that time my grandpa was still alive .. 

i remember how me and my brother were loved. how we had fond memories.. 

and how grandpa always took us out to drink coffee in the morning (im dont’ remember if i drank the cofee or not) but he’d always try to kiss us in the morning.. and i still remember how his nose beard would always feel prickly across my face..

years past.. and i always missed them.. i would think back of days when we can finally return to vietnam to see them again..

during that time, i honestly thought my mom had no money.. no cent to spare.. and that the reason we were able to make that trip was cause she saved up..

so i patiently.. waited each year.. until we could one day return again.. 

this included ability to make long distance calls. 

back then calling long distance was expensive.. so i assumed that we didn’t call much was because my mom couldn’t afford it..

years passed. found out that grandpa had throat cancer. 

shortly he died. what was going through my mind that time at that age? i guess i didn’t quite comprehend the situation.

it didn’t leave any lasting impact.. all i knew was that he may or may not be dead? 

can’t be sure until the next time we go to vietnam again?

if only i was smarter.. there was probably some compromise or solution.

year later.. we were finally making a trip back to vietnam.. this time with uncle too..

we went first though.. and i remember being very happy to see them..

i forgot .. how it was like to see my grandma again..

howcome i don’t remember ? 

it should have leave a lasting impression in me.. but for some reason, nothing is filling that part of the memory..

what exactly happened during that time? 

how could i have not treasured memories like that.. that i knew would be gone? 

was i that blind? and naive? 

i don’t know what happened between those years.. highschool, through to uni.. like something was missing. 

now im finally able to go back to the sentiments i once had as a child. 

When it comes to business or other professional aspects of life, a very important skill to have is being able to deal with emotions. 

if you’re too happy, you may make the wrong decisions, and if you’re too conflicted inside, you may end up sabotaging your work. 


the best thing to do is to put the emotions aside in soome way maybe through journal writing, talking to a friend or consultant and and going forward with your projects.  



It’s currently 3:34 AM right now here, and I was just about to decide to sleep, but I wanted to write about some memorable things from my past. 

Lately, I have been thinking about my past a lot, chapters of my life. Maybe it’s a way of really maturing and moving forward understanding that they were chapters and are now over. 

Today, my friend (childhood friend; most of my current close friends are friends from my childhood (elementary years)) called me and then he connected me to a friend (another close childhood friend) who has recently moved out of the city. 

I have been avoiding conversations with him as always.. as i do with anyone. 

I don’t know why but talking to him, and the way this interaction carried out.. reminds me of the past.. 

when the three of us were in elementary school years and how we hang out together almost everyday.. in class, afterclass, . 

the good old days.. when not much has changed.. when haven’t experienced much of life yet.. the carefree old days where we are just looking forward to the next. 

i felt like i got a glimpse of that again during this interaction.. we are still close . 

he understood a lot has been on my mind lately and he was worried. 

they all understood. 

and that’s why they are people i will treasure in this life time, but people i have to avoid. 

if things get too close when the time comes, it will be too hard for me to leave. 

i am happy how things have turned out, how we are still the group that talks to oneanother among everything else that has changed. 

how we are still keeping in touch.. and nothing else in life has really pulled us away from one another. 

i am happy how despite that things took a different turn after entering highschool and how we had to split up.. (being in dfiferent classes, or programs, how power dynamics changed, ) we are now back together. 

i am glad that despite everything that happened in between, we stilll maintain our friendship. 

i only regret that i had chosen academics over friendship. that i had chosen solitude over social bond. 

i wished that back then i had not applied to the ib program or that i had put more efforts for us to keep in touch. 

maybe things would have been different, maybe i would have been happier. 

maybe i would have been content with the success now and not feel that something is missing.. and being afraid of it. 

maybe i would not have these dark thoughts.. because i realized that i have spent my time with what matters..

now i place more of my focus on my mom and family and accomplishing this last chapter.. 

i honestly hope that one day.. i will succeed, feel no more regrets, and not have to think about whether the choices i made in the past were right or wrong. 


today my mom was looking through pics of gradma.. and grandpa..

i asked her what she was loooking at.. and then i picked up the photos to realized that they were old pics.. 

the pics were of which my grandma still had black hair, when uncle was stil in his 30’s , when mom was still in her 40-50’s , the aunts and uncles stil young.. 

while growing up, i forgotten that they were growing old. i honestly thought that hey were invincible and that things would be the same.. 

until my worries became reality. with the flash of an eye everythign changed. what u feared has happend. 

no matter how many times i open my eyes now, no matter how many times i wake up from my horrible nightmare, no matter how many times i cried i wake up to the image of her looking old.. everyone is looking old. i am getting older. 

and soon years later. she is going to look exactly like how my grandma looked like.. 

with a hunchback , no longer able to remember clearly, talks very slow, seem very dumb, early stages of Alzheimer , no longer the person who i had spent the majority of my life with. 

in the back of my mind always was that if she ever dies, im leaving too. 

i feel selfish and guilty to continue living.. when all this time she has been alone. 

dad left her when i was less than 10 and since then she has raised both me and my brother alone. 

at times she says things like ‘you can never find  a mom like me again in this world’ or ‘i am like both a mom and a dad’ 

she’s right. these words now sink deeper in me more than ever before. 

if she’s ever gone, i can never find someone like her again. someone who loves both of me and my brother as much, someone willing to make sacrifices to take care of us, someone who could have chosen to give up on us and lead an easier life. 

instead, she took on those burdens to raise us alone all these years. 

in a sense,i never really grew up, because i had her by my side all these years. i was selfish too. 

i wanted us 3 to be together for the remainder of our life time no matter how much time that was.. 

i wanted us to continue enduring life together, experiencing life, and the changes i am able to bring to it through my accomplishments. 

i wanted us to go travel around the world together, live a life different from the past, proud and happy of everything we’ve been through. 

i wanted us to let the world know that everyone who’s looked down on us to know that we’ve really came far. 

i wanted us to make a lasting impression on this world that a family like us existed.. and that we’re where we are , because we’ve endured. 

i wanted people to know us and of our stories..

and that it really took was to show the world that we are living a happier better life now.

but everything is still a struggle. all is hopeless.

i am no longer doing as well as i used to with my business, i am losing hope, and things are changing too fast.

i feel a deep emptiness inside me , a hopeless feeling that this is the way that life has planned for us.



I’m exhausted. the idea of death becomes appealing. 

If everything ends now, I won’t have to see the future and bare the inevitable pain. 

To continue, reality stares you at your face every minute. To give up, you leave behind inevitable pain for the people who care about you. 

What choice is there?

To fight is the same. To not fight is the same. 

Nowadays, im scared of sleeping. i wake up frightened. TO sleep, i am afraid.. 

I do all kinds of research i can to find people in similar position as myself. i need to find someone like myself now.. before it’s too late. 

I’m scared. That’s all. What if all this struggle is pointless? What if all the pain is not worth it and only thing you are left with is regret at the end?


Why not just appreciate the moments now by spending more time and care on your love ones? One day they will disappear and you have left is your own misery to face?

don’t leave me alone. don’t leave me here by myself.

It Makes no difference.

The worst feeling in life is realizing how impossible your dreams and goals might be and really submitting to that. 
I have never felt in my life.. wanting to just call it quits this bad. 

Yesterday, not sure what i was doing anymore.. 

I saw the future.. and it scared me shittless. I couldn’t handle it anymore.. and I really thought that death would be the most reasonable way out should the time come.. 

I told myself to just give up on all my dreams and appreciate what i have now. I didn’t want to regret anymore. neither could i accomplish anything on my own . anymore. 

Did I bounce back from this experience? 

No, reality is reality. You can’t change that. It’s either I accept reality and move forward or fight against it. But it’s not a reality i can accept .. to fight i feel futile. To not fight, i feel temporary.. burden lifted off my shoulders. but i am only risking the future.. the only hope is really to fight.. or to accept things as they are. either way is painful. 



Why we struggle?

I know why we continue to struggle even though we could enjoy the present moment and take things as they are. The reason is because the present moment is hell. 

We struggle so that we can make the future better, so we can take a chance at changing things for the better, that’s why we fight. We don’t struggle so that we can make our own life more miserable than it needs to be.

We struggle so that things could be different, could be better.