How to Deal With School Stress

It’s been a while since I was in school, but I do remember how stressful it was. The stress came from things like exams, sleep problems, having no time for other activities, or just constant flow of expectations being thrown at you. As such, I didn’t really deal with stress that well at first. Stress was constant. However, as time passed, I learned to cope with it by accepting that it is part of the school life and that everything will be worth the reward at the end. But there are tips to help minimize stress. Here are few I think helped me and hopefully they will help you too:

1. Acknowledge that stress is part of the package and do not run from it.

Sometimes when we feel stressed, we think that there’s something wrong with us. That, out of all our classmates, we are the only one who is stressed, but the truth is that everyone goes through it too. Each person just copes with stress differently and some don’t show obvious signs of it at all. But mostly when people are stressed, they either skip class, start trying less, or freak out even more. I suggest just recognizing that stress is natural, that it means you care about school and that you will work your ass off to finish whatever you have to do. All of which is good.When you finish what you have to do (study for an exam, do your assignments ahead of time, do well on exams), the stress gradually goes down as you become more confident and familiar with handling it.

2. Try to balance out your life a little. Sometimes when you are stressed, it’s because you feel that you are not performing as well as you should in school. You’ve based your entire future off how well you will do in school. However, if you have other hobbies or activities that you care a lot about and do exceptionally well at, you won’t feel as stressed. This way, you’ll know that if you don’t do well in school you’ll still have something else to lean on.

However, this tip is only recommended if you really want a way to minimize stress. For me, I threw everything else aside and focused just on school, but I had to go through a lot of stress and pressure. I chose that route and it paid off. However, if I could start over I would try to lead a more balanced life, but too much was on the line for me.

3. Have supportive friends. Have a study group, a study partner. Complete your university or college year together as training partners. Study together, share problems with each other, take classes together, help each other. Having someone there who you can confide in, who support you, who you know is going through the same things you are can really be inspiring and be encouraging.

4. Try to be positive when it comes to failures or set backs. Sometimes people don’t get the results they want and they give up. The last thing you want to do is give up because failures are actually part of the road to success. No one reaches the destination they seek without some failures. They get back up and try again and that’s what makes all the difference. When you accept that failure is part of the journey, you tend to be more prepared for what ever comes your way. I myself failed my first semester in my first year, but I worked really hard and climbed back up.I eventually came out on top in most, if not all, of my psychology classes.

Setbacks are part of your story, and they make you stronger.

5. Use all the resources you can. Use the help of your teachers, professors, friends, parents, and tutoring services; whatever it takes to help you do better. Think of school like an investment. If you are paying to go to school, then you have to be prepared to go all the way to achieve the goals you want. You want to use everything in your disposal to accomplish the goals you’ve initially set for yourself. Otherwise, you’re sort of only going halfway.

Edited by Alexander Loncar

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