The Value of Time

So much time has passed. When you count the years, it seems so little.

When you count the weeks, it seems a bit more.

Then there are the days, the hours, the minutes.

Infinite amount of time that were wasted and went unnoticed.

Time we took for granted.

There’s a saying to live every moment to the best, but how can we?

The body isn’t made to function 100% all the time. It gets tired and we

become unfocused. Furthermore, we think  long term. By nature, we want the best outcome and sometimes this leads to indecision, because we question our actions. 

Because of this indecisiveness, the very thing that we prize the most becomes lost.

If we worried less, if we believed in ourselves, and do what we can every moment, then perhaps things would work better for us.

A lot is wasted through thinking. There’s a difference between planning

and thinking that leads to inaction.

Life is about making mistakes, but they are the very mistakes that help

us reach our destination.

If there is something you want, you should go for it.

What I want the most right now requires long term investments, and the payout is uncertain. You don’t know when you will reach that destination or if what’s on the other end is regret. 

So what I end up doing? Procrastinate and drown myself in sorrows of what’s the best course of action. 


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