Psychology Facts (work in progress)

The benefits of this post:

1. You can refer to it if you’re looking for a research topic idea or studies to reference

2. The links are to actual scientific studies if I can find them. In the future, I will be thoroughly reading these studies and adding my remarks on them. I might even make videos on YouTube going over them. But prior to that, I want to review my research methods and write an entry on it here so people can also benefit.

3. My followers are always asking for sources or actual studies, so this is the other side to it.

People who are infatuated with you are more likely to laugh at the things you say even when the things you say are not funny.   An Evolutionary Perspective on Humor: Sexual Selection or Interest Indication

Both men and women regard humor as a top desirable quality in a potential partner because ability to make a person laugh is a sign of intelligence and good gene. Humor ability reveals intelligence, predicts mating success, and is higher in males

Making music promotes problem solving, prosocial behavior and learning in children. Making Music Improves Behavior  

We experience a loss more greatly than a gain of equal value.

Physical attraction is subjective and really in the eye of the beholder. The better your personality, the more attractive you appear to others. This is true for the reverse as well.  1) More Than Just Skin Deep?Personality Information Influences Men’s Ratings of the Attractiveness of Women’sBody Sizes

People with dark personalities tend to create a physically attractive veneer.

You’re more creative when coming up with ideas for others than for yourself.


Children who have tendency to sleep late grow up to have higher IQ Why Night Owls Are More Intelligent Than Morning Larks

notes: the study suggests that it was a  longitudinal design. need the actual studies

People who sleep late have higher IQ Why Night Owls Are More Intelligent Than Morning Larks

Introverts spend about the same amount of time with other people as extraverts and enjoy it just as much despite beliefs. : RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN EXTRAVERSION AND HAPPINESS

Extraverts are under stimulated and therefore seek out social situations whereas introverts are inherently overstimulated and needs to get away from other people.  The personality theories of H. J. Eysenck and J. A. Gray:a comparative review

We make better decisions when we sleep on it.

The unconscious mind is better at making decisions for complicated problems and the conscious mind is better for simple problems.

Reading fictions improves social skills because it puts you in various social situations in the perspectives of the characters. Reading Literary Fiction Improves Theory of Mind

Viewing pictures of cute kittens or puppies improves task performance that require careful attention. The Power of Kawaii: Viewing Cute Images Promotes a Careful Behavior and Narrows Attentional Focus

Listening to music activates the whole brain. Listening to music lights up the whole brain

Fake smiling actually makes you happier. Facial Feedback Hypotheses: Evidence, Implications, and Directions I

Writing down test worries improve performance 

Writing Out Your Worries <- possible flaw: should have inclued a group asked to write about thoughts/strategies about the test . perhaps the group who were asked to write about their worries got the result because they were given a chance to dedicate time to thinking about the test (it mentally prepared them), whereas the group that were asked to think about something else (did not have this advantage). it may not necessarily have been about writing down the worries that contributed to the results but the fact that this group got a chance to strategically plan for the test.. afterall; mindset and preparation is important when it comes to performance. <- though i need to examine the original study to see if such group was included.

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