12 Types of Cognitive Distortions

Mind Reading – When you make assumptions about what somebody is thinking or feeling without them telling you. In reality, you are delusional or paranoid.

Catastrophize – when you over think a problem and the effects that they will actually have on you. For example, when you think that losing a relationship means the end of your life when really you can find someone new the next day or down the line. 

Filtering – when you only pay attention to one side of things. For example, you only remember the bad times you had in school and not the good ones. 

Polarized thinking – when you think of things as either black or white or good or bad. For example, there can only be good or bad people or success or fails.

Personalization – when you take everything too personally. For example, when you think that everything people do or say is some kind of reaction to you. 

Blaming – when you hold other people accountable for your problems. For example, you blame someone else  for causing you to make a bad decision. In actuality, you were the one who made the wrong call based on your own judgement. 

Being Right – You feel the need to prove that your opinions or actions are correct. For example, you neglect other people’s perspective in an argument. 

Should’s – when you place sets of rules on yourself. For example, you think that you should go out whenever your friend asks you to. 

Emotional Reading – When you use your emotions to make a decision or judgement. For example, you buy into a product because of how good it was marketed when really the product is not that good.

Fallacy of Change – when you think others should change for you and that your happiness depends on them changing. For example, you expect that person to stop being a jerk because you are being nice to them. 

Heaven’s Reward Fallacy – when you expect that all your sacrifices or hard work to pay off. For example, you think that if you work hard enough, you should get a reward.

Overgeneralization – when you carry a problem over to otherdomains. When you fail a math test, you think that you are not good with anything to do with numbers

Table of Content

Introduction and myself and why this was created. talk about how you didn’t do well the first year and  how you begin successful.

Here’s an outline of the tips.

1. tips to go from a failure to success and enter your dream program

2. What do you usually do in psychology and what to expect.

what do you learn in psychology

what skills do you obtain

what is psychology

what job is available for psychologists.

How to successfully ace the psychology major.

1. Important Habits to have and work on

2. Tips to Improve Your Memory

3. How to deal with exam stress or anxiety

4. tips to help you focused when running out of time to study

4. How to approach psychology courses

5. tips to help you be focus

6. tips to keep you motivated

8. tips for breaking procrastination

7. tips to keep you going forward after being discouraged

6. What to do the day before the exam; tips that will make a difference

7. Systematic studying tips

8. tips for students entering college/university for the first time and what to expect


various insights of my personal experiences as a psych student.

The Problems Associated With Overthinking and What You Can Do About Them

If you have a hard time turning off your mind or thinking too much about something that you shouldn’t really be thinking about, then you may be a victim of overthinking.

Overthinking can cause you to be paranoid, because you start questioning someone’s motive or your own. It can cause you to rehearse past events and try to find meaning in them where none exists. It can cause you to become indecisive sometimes known as analysis paralysis.

Regardless, over thinking is not a good thing especially for your mental well being. Overthinking can make you feel depressed, paranoid and anxious.

Here are some tips to help you overcome overthinking:

1. Recognizing when you are overthinking. If you find yourself thinking way too much, then you may already be overthinking. Overthinking also tends to occur more during night time when we let more of our mind wander.

2. When you recognize that you are overthinking, you can use healthy distractions. For instance, read a book, watch tv, talk to a friend, listen to music or exercise.

3. If you still find yourself thinking about the problem, then you may need to directly confront the issue. Sometimes the issue is so severe to us that no distractions can help and the only way for us to stop thinking about it is to find peace with it.

4. If you don’t want to directly confront the problem because of whatever reasons, you can also write the problem out in a journal or talk to a confidant about it. Sometimes all you need is a place to keep your thoughts somewhere so that it doesn’t stay on your mind.

5. If nothing helps, you can always seek a professional such a counselor. You can talk to them about your problems and they can keep it a secret while at the same time help you think through your problems.

my mom has worked very hard to raise me and my brother that is something i can never forget.

being a single mom is very though.

when i put myself in her shoes, i feel a my heart ripping apart.

she had nobody and yet she raised us all by her self . she never really asked for help from anyone she knew. her brothers and sisters were in different parts of the world .

her brother who’s here in this country has his own family to take care of.

growing up, my brother and i were always afraid of dad.. whenever he comes to visit.

we learned to resent him.

to this day, i still blame him being with someone else.

it must really have broken my mom’s heart.

my mom hides a lot of her pain.. doesn’t seem to really be bother by a lot of things in life.. when really she is or just grew strong because of her past.

my mom came to this country by immigrating here on a boat. she was jailed twice for total of 3 years. yet she never gives up coming here. 

her resolve is not something i can ever compare anything i’ve been through .

i think she deserves everything that i’m able to offer to her , but i feel powerless.

not like many others who come with the financial support of their parents, i don’t have that.

everything really depends on me.

i constantly feel that time is pressed against my shoulders.

how long till i buy that first house for her? how long till i take her to travel the world? how long till i feel at peace and can truly enjoy every moment with her without feeling some sort of remorse (because of own’s inadequacy?)?

Everytime there’s a set back, it puts a dent into this own thing and drives me almost crazy.  

what would you do if you were in my shoes? 

Every memory treasured is priceless. 

I feel a lot of pity that my mom is not literate and cannot enjoy life the same way that most of us do. 

Being able to understand writing or the language spoken in your residence is important. Communication is key to feeling connected with the world. We use the internet to read interesting stuff, to do things, read books to keep ourselves entertained, to understand what’s going around the life of others. 

Lacking the ability to read or speak English really limits your view on life.