The Problems Associated With Overthinking and What You Can Do About Them

If you have a hard time turning off your mind or thinking too much about something that you shouldn’t really be thinking about, then you may be a victim of overthinking.

Overthinking can cause you to be paranoid, because you start questioning someone’s motive or your own. It can cause you to rehearse past events and try to find meaning in them where none exists. It can cause you to become indecisive sometimes known as analysis paralysis.

Regardless, over thinking is not a good thing especially for your mental well being. Overthinking can make you feel depressed, paranoid and anxious.

Here are some tips to help you overcome overthinking:

1. Recognizing when you are overthinking. If you find yourself thinking way too much, then you may already be overthinking. Overthinking also tends to occur more during night time when we let more of our mind wander.

2. When you recognize that you are overthinking, you can use healthy distractions. For instance, read a book, watch tv, talk to a friend, listen to music or exercise.

3. If you still find yourself thinking about the problem, then you may need to directly confront the issue. Sometimes the issue is so severe to us that no distractions can help and the only way for us to stop thinking about it is to find peace with it.

4. If you don’t want to directly confront the problem because of whatever reasons, you can also write the problem out in a journal or talk to a confidant about it. Sometimes all you need is a place to keep your thoughts somewhere so that it doesn’t stay on your mind.

5. If nothing helps, you can always seek a professional such a counselor. You can talk to them about your problems and they can keep it a secret while at the same time help you think through your problems.

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